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Memorialguy.com is adding new products daily. Proud to now offer LoveUrns. With over 1000 urns to choose from.

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Georgia Gray Headstone in cemetery with vases and flowers.

Purchasing a Memorial, Please Read!

Memorialguy.com cuts out the brick and mortar monument shop. Most monument shops order your memorial, they do not carve it! Do you know how much of a markup your friendly monument seller places on the monument you buy? Have you ever wondered why they always want you to come into the shop before they will quote you a price?

Most but not all decide how much they are going to charge you after asking a few questions (sales questions). Did you know the monument industry as a whole is one of the most difficult businesses to find out what you need to go into business?

It's been our experience over the last ten years that everyone from the funeral home owner, cemetery owner, and even the local church receives a portion of the money you pay for your memorial. That doesn't happen everywhere, but it does happen as we have witnessed with our own business...

  Memorialguy.com has more experience than most monument dealers in the memorial industry. We have extensive hands on knowledge in actually Carving stones. From Design, Shape Carving, Granite Colors and even pouring the concrete for the monument foundation and then transporting and setting the memorial in the cemetery. Memorialguy.com knows the ins and outs of the rules cemeteries apply to accepting outside purchased memorials. 

We not only Stand Behind and Guarantee every item we sell including our Headstones, We guarantee that we have the lowest and most affordable prices on Everything we sell!



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What Language is your local monument dealer Speaking

What Language is your local monument dealer Speaking

Jason Baker
Monuments can be finished in a variety of ways.  Like any industry, the monument industry has its own lingo used to describe its products.  Short ...

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The Most Popular Fonts and Effects used for Memorials

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